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Interlocking Concrete Blocks

These high strength, engineered, interlocking, concrete blocks are cast from concrete which contains no recycled materials and are designed to be used for block wall flood defence, storage bays blast walls, retaining walls etc. Possible uses are endless.

Interlocking concrete block Dimensions

PBS Interlocking Concrete Lego Blocks X 8
LG8 Interlocking Concrete Block


1600 mm


800 mm


800 mm


2400 kg

PBS Interlocking Concrete Lego Blocks X 6
LG6 Interlocking Concrete Block


1200 mm


800 mm


800 mm


1800 kg

PBS Interlocking Concrete Lego Blocks X 4
LG4 Interlocking Concrete Block


800 mm


800 mm


800 mm


1200 kg

Interlocking Concrete Block hire

Whilst our precast products are straight forward to install, we do offer a full installation service. Speak to the team today for a free installation quotation for your project.

PBS provides Interlocking concrete blocks for hire across the whole of the UK.

Our Interlocking concrete blocks are ideal for creating a range of temporary barriers for a host of applications such as building retaining walls, material segregation, traffic calming and segregation, security barriers and flood management.

We offer a fast, reliable concrete barrier block delivery and installation service should you require a quick turnaround.

Having worked with commercial outfits, public authorities and residential firms, we know that you need a quality BS EN 1317 certified product and reliable service to match.

Get in touch with our specialist hire team today to discuss your project.

PBS Interlocking Concrete Lego Blocks

What are interlocking blocks?

Interlocking concrete blocks are a robust, cost efficient way to build temporary retaining structures.

There are two primary functions:

Building retaining walls – creating bay walls for the storage of materials such as grain, salt and aggregate materials. Our blocks are designed to resist the forces of the material acting on the wall. Our products can also be used to build earth retaining walls to support embankments.

Building free standing walls – our products can help to build free standing walls for flood barriers, traffic calming and segemeration or security barriers / fencing.

Interlocking blocks are:

  • Very cost-effective
  • Simple and quick to build a solid wall of any dimension
  • Extremely durable and don’t require much maintenance
  • Reusable – the blocks can be dismantled and used in a different configuration.

TYPICAL configuration for blocks

PBS interlocking concrete blocks are available in a variety of sizes, from 2 to 10 section. We list here the most common sizes of blocks; 4, 6 and 8.

The standard, most commonly used block is the LG8: 1600mm x 800mm x 800mm weighing-in at 2400 kgs.

Each block is cast complete with a lifting pin which means the arrangement of blocks can be reconfigured relatively easily without the need for specialist lifting equipment or grabs. Alternatively, we can reconfigure for setup for you.

These blocks are extremely high quality and are renowned for the durability and strength.

Why Choose Pro Block Security?

PBS can provide a comprehensive perimeter security solution, whatever your project or need. We work with a number of UK businesses as well as police authorities and other public service providers.

We can provide the following:

Perimeter security – our interlocking blocks can be used to create or secure a perimeter or a boundary from unwanted vehicle access.

Construction site security – Should you need to restrict vehicle access to your construction site, our temporary barrier blocks can control how vehicles enter the site, reducing the possibility of vehicle or equipment being stolen.

Car park barriers – interlocking concrete barriers can be designed to give you a clearly marked out parking area and serve to restrict vehicles to where you want them to be parked.

Public space protection – A number of recent terrorist attacks have involved the usage of vehicle. Our concrete barrier blocks can be used to restrict vehicle access to areas in which there is a high concentration of pedestrians.

Highway protection – workers need to be protected from hazards such as fast moving cars. Interlocking concrete blocks can be placed side by side, offering a robust, crash tested barrier to protect highway workers.

We also offer:

To hire Interlocking concrete blocks, call us on 0207 856 0216 or contact us using the form below.